Aaron Westwood

Human, Male, Mercenary




Aaron Westwood, the man people go to when they have a problem that they need solved. Said problem is most of the time solved with excessive amounts of violence and brutality. One of the most famous mercenaries in the lands of Oakvale, he has made quite a name for himself among the guns-for-hire. Always carrying around his trusty Murker Maker rifle, crafted by the finest Dwarven gunsmiths at “Murker’s Mean Devices”, he is known for delivering swift and gruesome death from a long range.

Little is known about this man’s background but it is suggested that he lived a life of comfort and luxury before suddently running away from his family to pursue the career of a Mercenary. It is also suggested that he uses a wide array of “performance enchancers” on a daily basis, exactly what these are is not known however. The most common rumour is that they simply are a potent cocktail of Blazebooze, Cacaocaine and Gnomehyponol.

Another rumour that has circulated in the past is that he has experience in the line of exotic dancing, although the ones spreading this rumour have mysteriously vanished as of late.

Aaron Westwood

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